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Wheelchair Taxi Sydney Airport

At Sydney airport, Australia-a wheelchair accessible taxi service is being provided to those who are using wheelchairs. We are a team of dedicated professionals and are intended to provide the best moving services to disabled persons.

All our drivers are certified from reputed and well-known institutions and can efficiently help the disabled persons to enter and leave in the Wheelchair taxi Sydney airport without any trouble. We offer 100% guaranteed access to wheelchair taxi service in only 8-10 minutes.

We also offer Elite fleet and air-conditioned service that is operating throughout the metropolitan area of Sydney.

Specifications of wheelchair Taxi Sydney

Wheelchair accessible taxis have unique designs and are modified according to the needs of adjusting wheelchair to taxi. A disabled person can have easy access from taxi to wheelchair and wheelchair to taxi. Nowadays, this taxi system has become a major part of the public transportation system.

These Wheelchair taxi Sydney airport is being driven by professionally trained drivers from driving authorities. Australian residents who are suffering from permanent disabilities are also eligible to take advantage of the taxi transport subsidy scheme.

About NDIS Scheme

NDIS scheme is for providing subsidy for traveling costs of disabled people and it covers around 50% of the cost. The maximum subsidy offered by this scheme is 60$ per one journey and it can be claimed through the traveling dockets which are specific ones for all individuals.

Secure Points to Tie Wheelchairs

There are four points to tie the Wheelchair taxi Sydney airport service safely. There is no risk or threat of suffering from any kind of inconvenience or injury.

These positions will exactly matching the complete set of restraints. There should be no tears, knots and wears on these restraints. Book Wheelchair Taxi Sydney Now.

In our services, we greatly ensure the quality by fitting all the restraints according to the disability standards set by the Australian government.

Space is enough to fit More Than One Person

People may also share taxis with some other disabled passengers if they have to reach the same destination, as up to 3 wheelchairs can be accommodated in one taxi.

It is the most economical option, as they don’t have to pay for the whole taxi, instead, the traveling cost will be divided into two to three people. BOOK NOW.

WATs(Wheelchair Access Taxis)

One may access wheelchair accessible taxi service anywhere in Sydney. It is recommended to opt for the chairs of taxi providers or folded wheelchairs while booking for these taxis in Sydney.

The wheelchair-accessible taxi service can also be pre-booked from airport to cruise, or Sydney. This service is available at just one call and the operator will note all the requirements such as distance, type of taxi, and size of the seat, etc. Additionally, our drivers are friendly, honest, and sensible and they take pride in serving disabled persons.

Fastest Access in Emergency Situations

We are also available to guarantee fast and secure access to the place in emergencies. We proudly offer the fastest turn around the system in the city and industry and can reach to the desired spot in only a few minutes.

All of our wheelchair accessible taxis are fully equipped with the standard system of air conditioning for ensuring the supreme level of comfort for our honorable passengers. We believe in respect, care, and love for disabled persons and are doing our best to guarantee a peaceful journey

Contact For Wheelchair Taxi Sydney

Are you looking for Wheelchair taxi Sydney airport services for traveling in Sydney? Just call at 1300 216 823 for booking wheelchair accessible taxi at Cruise terminal or airport. We are authorized wheelchair providers of services in Sydney and your journey with us will be comfortable and fast.